Athletic Training

There are many rehabilitation tools available to Professional sports teams and now they are available to recovering athletes of all abilities and from all walks of life.

Therapeutic Modalities

1 – 3 MHz Ultrasound and electronic stimulators by Dynatronics, Chattanooga, Cefar, and Iomed iontophoresis, as well as numerous portable stim units.

Hivamat 200 Deep Oscillation Therapy, a unique therapeutic modality that applies deep oscillation on targeted tissues for lymphatic drainage and to break up adhesions. Used in professional sports for the past four years, this unit and technique is a trade secret of professional sports rehab.

Used by many MLB, NFL and NHL teams, this modality has greatly enhanced the array of therapeutic tools that we have available to improve the healing process for athletic and orthopaedic injury.

Graston and Gua Sha Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Massage, active facilitated and PNF stretching.

Diagnostic tools include

Hogan Microfet 2 hand dynamometer with computer interface, electromyography (EMG) for neuromuscular re-education and 12 years experience in Major League professional sports.

Areas of Specialization

Rehab, prehab, and post-operative care of shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle injuries as well as general athletic aches and pains.

Rates for Therapy

$135 (HST included)  per 60-75 minutes of one on one, undivided attention to your specific injury or to maintain your peak performance. The ultimate goal is to keep you active in your sport or activity and minimize injury down time. By optimizing your treatment time and dollar, more time can be spent attaining peak performance.

Modalities, massage, facilitated active stretching and biomechanical assessment all in one place in one visit.

Tips on Optimizing your Appointment with Jay:
1. Wear or bring loose fitting shorts or tank top to allow exposure to the area to be treated.

2. If treating a lower body extremity bring examples of daily footwear, orthotics, bike shoes as applicable.

3. If the body part to be treated is hairy, please shave the area before your visit (we’re looking at you gentlemen!) – electrodes and Kensiotape do not adhere well to hairy areas and also cause pain when ripping off. (Don’t make us shave you! 🙂 )