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What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a drug-free, non-invasive manual approach to health care. Chiropractors must have an undergraduate degree prior to attending Chiropractic College. Their training consists of four intensive years of chiropractic education, which includes a one year internship under the guidance of a senior clinician where they develop and refine their skills.

Chiropractors assess disorders related to the spine, nervous system and joins of the extremities and provide diagnosis, treatment and prevention of those disorders. The primary goal of chiropractic manipulation, also referred to an an adjustment, is to treat areas of decreased movement in the joints of the spine and extremities which can create a reaction in surrounding soft tisues (ligaments, muscles and nerves) resulting in pain, dysfunction and muscular spasm. Chiropractors are also trained to prescribe therapeutic exercise and can provide other non-invasive procedures such as soft tissue therapy.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Chiropractic soft tissue therapy generally focuses on the area of chief complaint rather than working on the entire body. Soft tissue therapy may include therapeutic stretching, trigger point release, transverse massage and muscle stripping. It is beneficial for people who have chronic muscle soreness as well as those who have sustained injuries such as whiplash repetitive strain syndromes, low back pain or sports related injuries.


Do you experience any of the following symptoms?

  • Arch or heal pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain

Custom foot orthotics are inserts for your shoes that correct the way you stand, walk or run. Your feet provide the foundation for your entire body and do an enormous amount of work each day. Even the smallest imbalance can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. Orthotics help restore optimal balance and foot function and provide relief from fatigue and pain. Orthotics can be worn comfortably in your everyday footwear. The provide your feet with gentle and consistent proper placement for sanding, walking and running.

Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

Back pain, neck pain and headaches are just a few of the painful and distressing conditions that affect most of us at some time. Chiropractic and massage therapy, used in combination, form a powerful healing approach that addresses your pain on many levels. Whether your pain is the result of traumatic injury, overuse or stress, chiropractic and massage combined can greatly speed your return to a pain-free, productive life.

Massage Supports Chiropractic

You can benefit in a number of ways by adding massage therapy to your chiropractic care program:

  • recovery is normally faster and more complete when you address multiple components of your pain
  • chiropractic treatment often proceeds more easily, with less discomfort, when soft tissue has been relaxed with massage
  • adjustments frequently last longer when muscle tension is released that might otherwise pull your joints out of alignment again.

For information on registered massage therapy, see Massage Therapy

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