Chiropractic – Dr. Mandy Lee

Chiropractic - Dr. Mandy Lee

Dr. Amanda L. Lee (Dr. Mandy) is the owner and clinic director of the Bloom Family Wellness Centre. Dr. Mandy is a Chiropractor, certified Fitness and Yoga instructor, and former competitive swimmer. She combines conservative chiropractic care with her knowledge of exercise and sport to guide her patients to a more balanced, healthier lifestyle. Amanda is an enthusiastic and compassionate practitioner who knows the importance of living a healthy life and is truly passionate about what she does. Her refreshing approach to life and warm personality will always make you feel welcome in our office.

Dr. Mandy utilizes conservative hands-on techniques including: soft tissue therapy, spinal manipulation (adjustments), mobilization, manual stretching, as well as, TENS, microcurrent, ultrasound and IFC. In addition to this, she incorporates her knowledge of Fitness, Pilates and Yoga to design a program that will suit your needs. This program of stretching and strengthening exercises will help increase your flexibility and core strength and ultimately give your body the support it needs to survive a lifetime of stress and strain.

Born and raised in Ontario, Dr. Mandy spent 15 years as a competitive swimmer. She attended Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi on a swimming scholarship and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1999 and a Master’s in Education in 2000. She enjoyed 5 very successful years in the U.S.A. before returning to Canada to attend Chiropractic College. In her final year of University she was nationally recognized as the 1999 NCAA Woman of the Year for the State of Mississippi. In 2004, she graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College as a Doctor of Chiropractic. During her 4 years at Chiropractic school she served on the Students’ Council and as the Class Representative. She was recipient of many awards during her 4 years that recognized her for her service to the school and community.  Dr. Mandy was also named Northshore’s #1 Chiropractor (2013), Vancouver’s Top 30 Chiropractors (2015), and Regional Notable Award Winner for Healthcare in BC and Alberta (2016).

Dr. Mandy returns to North Vancouver after many years away and is thrilled to make it her home again. In addition to teaching fitness, cycling and yoga classes.   Dr. Lee is also a professor at the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy ( Knowing the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Dr. Lee’s goal is to lead by example and educate her patients, in an effort to promote overall wellness and help prevent injury.

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Dr. Mandy teaches fitness and yoga classes at the following locations: – North Shore Elements – Burnaby and Pitt Meadows