The Bloom Family Wellness Centre is dedicated to providing a natural approach to healthcare for the entire family.

The active lifestyles of the North Shore community provides an ideal setting for our centre as our passions lie in preventative and rehabilitative healthcare. Here at Bloom we offer a diverse range of treatment options to meet every individual’s health and wellness needs. So, whether you are 7 or 70, professional athlete or weekend warrior, mom or dad, infant or active teenage, we have a caring practitioner that is right for you.

At Bloom we also have a special interest to nurture and support future mothers and their families with our services in pre and post natal healthcare.

Each of our practitioners has something unique to offer families throughout this beautiful time in their lives. We believe that given the right tools (i.e. pre and post natal massage, webster technique and chiropractic), parents can empower themselves to have a positive pregnancy and birthing experience.

Bloom can be seen taking part in many community social and sporting events throughout the year. Helping you perform at your best and achieve success in your chosen sport is OUR team’s mission.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle, family, sports, and giving back to the community are fundamental priorities of our Centre.

Our Core Values

  • Passion
  • Caring
  • Trust
  • Indivduality
  • Personal Wellness
  • Education and Experience


Our Vision

To give everyone that walks through our door the opportunity to live a healthy, balanced life and to “bloom into one’s full potential”.

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