How does medical coverage for massage therapy work?

We direct bill to many different extended health plans including Blue Cross, Greenshield, SunLife and Telus Health (which covers many different extended insurance health plans for example Canada Life, ManuLife, etc.)  Please provide us with your plan information on your first visit and we’ll take care of the rest.  Based on your specific plan your entire treatment may be covered or you may have partial coverage and only have to pay out of pocket for the remaining.  If you have an EHCP, please check if they require a MD referral in order for reimbursement.   There are many EHCP so please check how yours works.

As a registered massage therapist we can treat patients with approved ICBC claims but unfortunately we do not direct bill to ICBC on your behalf. You must first pay is directly for your treatment and we will provide you with a receipt to submit to ICBC.

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